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Our Passion Is Cleaning Your Home With Care, Just For You.

Each and every day, our mission is to build value for customers by helping you decrease the cleaning task.

We know what it takes to set ourselves apart to clean and sanitize your home or business.  To provide you with the peace of mind and comfort to know your home is clean.  Our professional approach to each home or business allows us to give you the best result.  We believe in community and being there for your our client. 

Professional cleaning services you can depend on at home or work.  Apartment or house, Move in or Move out Cleaning.  Deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, power washing, all these services and more from your trusted cleaning service at Magnolias Maids. 

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Client Reviews

18:30 23 Jul 20
Very nice people and professionally sound.
22:12 22 Jul 20
17:23 21 Jul 20
00:38 21 Jul 20
21:20 17 Jul 20
This is the BEST COMPANY as far as maid service and cleaning I’m so thankful I found them stop reading this and call them to clean your house shout out Ashton and Felix
22:14 16 Jul 20
17:58 16 Jul 20
They were very nice and worked around My 3 little girls. They did a great job!
17:47 15 Jul 20
Very sweet people! Love how my house smells and they were able to do the spots I needed most before my baby comes! We will hire them again!
00:43 15 Jul 20
Pros: great customer service, Professional, came earlier, finished on time,truly worked to make sure we were pleased, place looks great!Cons: communication barrier, paid for deep cleaning but didn't clean baseboards, had to go back several times about missed spots, kept taking pictures of my house without my permission, and when they broke something didn't just tell me about it but instead waited until I found it .Overall the experience was great because they truly worked hard to make sure we were satisfied! There was a few situations that occured that would have been avoided with communication but overall they fixed it and really did all they could to make us happy!The house is spotless and looks great! Just be prepared to make sure you look over everything before they leave so if anything is missed you can tell them and they will fix it right away!
23:30 14 Jul 20
18:54 14 Jul 20
02:22 14 Jul 20
This was my first professional clean and I was a bit nervous. The team came in and do an incredible job! They were fast but focused on the details and this place looks AMAZING! Can’t wait for my biweekly cleans
21:17 11 Jul 20
02:55 11 Jul 20
They did a good job.
18:25 09 Jul 20
Overall the job was done really well. There were a few minor details that could’ve been done a little better.
20:23 08 Jul 20
20:04 08 Jul 20
Great service!! I’m glad I came across this company. They did a wonderful deep clean on my bathtub. Would recommend 100%.
21:15 07 Jul 20
Awesome Service! Great attention to detail.
16:15 06 Jul 20
I hired Magnolias Maids for a move out cleaning. Cleaner (Irma) was great and cleaning was very thorough. Highly recommend this cleaning company.
18:10 05 Jul 20
Adriana and team are wonderful! Very easy to schedule and communicate with, transparent about prices and what you can expect from them. They're extremely friendly and helpful. My house has never been cleaner; I kept turning each corner of my house surprised and excited about what I was going to see! Their services are worth every penny and I highly recommend them!
11:28 05 Jul 20
The ladies that they sent did a awesome job!!!
22:26 03 Jul 20
01:18 03 Jul 20
00:55 03 Jul 20
00:53 03 Jul 20
22:24 02 Jul 20
21:11 02 Jul 20
21:10 29 Jun 20
19:38 29 Jun 20
03:20 28 Jun 20
01:49 28 Jun 20
13:39 25 Jun 20
13:38 25 Jun 20
Good job guys y’all did a excellent job I will definitely book y’all again in the future ! Keep it up magnolias maids !
23:07 22 Jun 20
GREAT SERVICE! Team 10 is the best team, you are doing amazing magnolias maids, Keep it up 😀
22:27 22 Jun 20
My house was deep cleaned by two employees from Magnolias Maids today. They did an outstanding job. I've had my house deep cleaned in the past and I can say this was the best cleaning I have ever experienced. Every surface is clean and shiny. The Windows look great and the appliances are immaculate. I will be recommending them in the future.
21:32 21 Jun 20
The team did a very nice job. I wish they would have come earlier, as I had tasks to do today. But the cleaning was very good and the team very polite and efficient.
20:47 17 Jun 20
I walked into my old house and wanted to move back in! Magnolia Maids were detailed in cleaning and the house smelled great!!! I'm definitely hiring this team of professional again!
23:32 15 Jun 20
Absolutely loved the team they sent to my home. It was literally SPOTLESS.
14:58 15 Jun 20
Irma was on top of everything. Cleaners showed up on time. Luis was as estimated and she was easy to get a hold of, in fact she always answered her phone during business hours! Would use her again. This was for an apartment turnover and when the landlord came in to inspect it passed!
08:23 15 Jun 20
I have hired Magnolias Maids once for a deep cleaning and they did a great job. So I am hiring them again for a monthly service.I think I might be getting difference cleaners this time around, but I am choosing to trust them. So far I am very happy with how responsive the business's owner has been. Fingers crossed it keeps going well.
16:25 13 Jun 20
I've been waiting to update my review because I wanted to get some experience with MM under my belt. I am happy to report that almost 8 months later, I'm still very pleased. For me, MM finally delivered after several other individuals and services failed me. Top fave points:1. Consistent day/time. In my past experiences, I had a difficult time getting them to keep a set date and time. With a busy life and very little kids, it was critical that I had a dedicated day and time so I could plan around it.2. Bonded. I prefer a bonded company.3. Quality. No one will ever clean your home the way you would. That's a fact. But for an outside service and for the price, you get a consistently good cleaning.Other points. I appreciate that I get the same or similar team every time. They take extra effort to put the toddler's books back on the shelf in the right way, and carefully replacing the stuffed animals in the baby's crib. It seems odd to say, but I feel like there's an element of love for my family in their cleaning. And that, for me, goes a LONG way.
23:13 12 Jun 20
After an extensive search, I asked Magnolias Maids to do our new year deep cleaning. The cleaners were prompt (actually, they showed up early!), thorough, and efficient--they did a fantastic job and finished on the lower end of the estimate, so the cost was very fair. Highly recommend!
20:57 12 Jun 20
Best in town
01:53 11 Jun 20
Amazing Cleaning
01:47 11 Jun 20
19:41 02 Jun 20
18:09 03 May 20