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Standard Recurring Cleaning Services

Keep Your Home Consistently Clean

With Magnolias Maids Standard Recurring Cleaning Service, maintain a spotless home without the daily hassle. Our services ensure your living space is clean, hygienic, and welcoming every day. Discover the joy of a perpetually tidy home!

What Our Standard Recurring Cleaning Covers:

  • Kitchen maintenance: Counter wiping, appliance cleaning, floor sweeping, and more.
  • Living areas: Regular dusting, vacuuming, and decluttering.
  • Bathrooms: Routine sanitization, faucet polishing, and surface cleaning.
  • Bedrooms: Bed making, floor cleaning, and light organization.
  • Use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products for every session.

Why Choose Our Standard Recurring Cleaning:

  • Expert and trained staff dedicated to routine cleaning.
  • Comprehensive service to ensure every corner is covered.
  • Cost-effective packages for regular clientele.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed for every clean.
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