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Cleaning Services Checklist

Cleaning Services Checklist

Rooms/TasksStandard CleaningDeep CleaningMove In/Out Cleaning
Clean countertops and surfaces
Clean the interior of the oven
Clean the exterior of the oven and stove
Empty and sanitize the trash can
Clean the refrigerator inside and out
Wipe down all cabinets and drawers
Descale faucet
Clean garbage disposal
Scrub and sanitize all fixtures
Deep clean tiles and grout
Wipe mirrors and glass surfaces
Clean and disinfect the toilet
Empty trash and replace bag
Wipe down toiletries
Living Room
Vacuum and mop the floor
Deep clean under furniture
Dust all surfaces, including electronics
Clean behind and under the couch and other furniture
Clean light switches and door knobs
Dust all surfaces and fixtures
Vacuum carpets or mop floors
Clean under the bed and other furniture
Wipe down wardrobes and dressers
Home Office
Dust computer and peripherals
Clean keyboard and mouse
Hallways and Stairs
Vacuum carpeting or mop floors
Dust railings and handrails
Basements and Garages
Dust shelves and storage
De-grease garage floor
Balconies and Patios
Wipe down outdoor furniture
Sweep and mop the floor