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Apartment Cleaning Services

Apartment Cleaning Services

Our premium Apartment Cleaning Services ensure your living space is impeccable. Dive into our various offerings tailored to your unique needs.

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Standard Packet

Our Standard Packet is designed for regular maintenance. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and general tidying up of all rooms in the apartment.

Starting at $124.99

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Deep Cleaning Service

Experience the depth of our cleaning with this service. It targets hidden dirt and grime, ensuring areas like beneath appliances and inside vents are cleaned. We ensure a thorough scrubbing, washing, and treatment of every corner.

Starting at $159.99

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Move In / Out Cleaning Service Image

Move In / Out Cleaning Service

Transition smoothly with our specialized service. We ensure your old space is pristine for the next occupant and your new space is spotless and welcoming.

Starting at $199.99

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